From the people who brought you the Super Security Sticker™ comes the latest in endpoint security technology. USB Glue™ is the leading endpoint security adhesive on the market today. Our formula is scientifically designed to provide the ultimate blockage of USB ports on today's computers, giving IT administrators the ultimate endpoint security solution in a tube!

Three Simple Steps to Total Endpoint Security

"Not only have we secured USB ports, but since nobody can plug in ANY devices, I don't have to bother supporting them! Sweet! Thanks USB Glue! "

- Marc Farmen, Lazy IT Guy

Serious About Endpoint Security?

OK, you caught us. "USB Glue" is not a real product. Although, the idea is funny, gluing USB ports has actually been a technique used by IT administrators to solve endpoint security problems related to removable media devices in the workplace.

The problems with this solution should be obvious. Physically damaging a system should never be part of any security strategy. We know there are serious security issues related to the use of these ports, however they are also neccesary for productivity, as most keyboards, mice and devices with legitmate business usage all require the use of these ports.

Centennial DeviceWall

For real endpoint security use Centennial DeviceWall, which provides IT administrators granular control over wired and wireless PC connections without wrecking hardware.

Here are just a few reasons Centennial DeviceWall beats USB Glue as an effective safeguard against internal data leakage:

  • Software-only solution, remotely deployed from central server
  • Automatic integration with Active Directory user groups
  • Automatically encrypt data copied from the network
  • Device connection and data transfer audits
  • Block or allow connections from iPods, USB sticks, PDAs, etc
  • Granular read / write access control
  • Block or allow Wi-Fi, Infrared and Bluetooth connections
  • Protects PCs both on and off the network

To see how Centennial DeviceWall could help protect your data and systems, download a free 30-day trial today.

Domino's Pizza Makes the Smart Choice

When Domino's Pizza decided to extend the same levels of IT security that protected it against external hacking attacks onto their internal IT systems, they chose DeviceWall from Centennial Software to stop unauthorized portable device usage. Much smarter than USB Glue.

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* By a panel of 5 Centennial Software employees